Why do the Heathen Rage?

People don’t enjoy having the label “heathen.” People don’t enjoy using the label “heathen.” Despite that, the fact remains that heathen exists. These people hate God and God’s people.

Although we can have heathen individuals, we also have heathen nations. Let’s face it… the term “heathen” describes every nation on earth, including, if not especially, modern-day Israel.

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

Psalm 2:1

Why do the Heathen rage?

Word Analysis

Heathen – Those who have not submitted themselves to God on a national and personal level.

Rage – The nations are tumultuous and they conspire against God’s people.

People – The unity and the diversity of humanity. (TWOT 1069)

Imagine – murmuring, growling. “Wizards made strange noises when they practiced occultism. (Zodhiates)

A Vain Thing – Empty, Idle, Vain. “More often it is used in the extended meaning of drawing a sword.” (TWOT 2161). Plans to resist and fight against God’s will.


Scripture asks why those who won’t submit to God exist in turbulence on a personal and national level. Why do they constantly conspire against God’s people?

Why does the collective community of humans resist God and His people to the extent they resort to occultism to try to stop them? Why do they constantly plan ways to resist and fight against God’s will?


We see a rhetorical question in Psalm 2:1. From reading it, we can already surmise its meaning. Non believers are not and cannot be neutral. They all choose a side: Either God’s way, or Satan’s way.

Western Civilization is collapsing and nations are becoming more tumultuous as they resist God and persecute His people.


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